Graphic Design

Humans are visual creatures, often swayed first and foremost by design over features.

The human brain is 60,000 times faster at processing images than text. Social media posts with images get 650% more engagement than text-only posts. This is what makes graphic design one of the most attention-grabbing elements of any business or marketing tactic. Understandably, 84% of business communications are now visual.


  • Boost Website Conversions | Almost 94% of all users will leave a website with poor graphics and website design. With the right visuals, you can dramatically increase user retention and lower bounce rates.

  • Set Your Business Apart | Unique graphic designs make your business stand out from the masses of templated or outdated designs. When you invest in good design, it strengthens your branding, your customer awareness, and familiarity, and it has also proven to increase trust.

  • People Eat With Their Eyes | A study by 7-UP found slight differences with packing design and color made people perceive the taste to be different, despite no difference in the content itself. Which proves how affected we are by visual constructs. People are more likely to choose the better-looking product despite prices, contents or features. This goes for all forms of visual and online marketing too. People favor good design.

  • Make Complex Data Interesting | Great infographics and design can make the most complex ideas, data and statistics easy to digest. Which has proven to increase both employee and consumer productivity, memory recall, and overall performance.