Content Writing

The importance of content

What you say and how you say it can be the difference between converting that potential customer to a new customer, and losing that potential lead for good.

Why hire a Content Writer?
Most business owners really know their business, but are usually not experts on the more subtle uses of language to truly catch the potential customer's attention. Content writing is an inherent skill. Exposed Marketing understands this, which is why we have ensured that there are experienced content writers available to our clients when they need one.

Where can our Content Writers assist you?

  • Brochures and other printed materiel
    The trick to writing for print is to keep it short and sweet, and to the point. A business card, brochure or other printed piece has a specific size, and the relevant content needs to work well within that size. The biggest mistake people make when writing content for print is trying to put too much detailed information into a small space. Our professionals know how to say a lot in just a few words.
  • Press Releases
    Press releases are important to get your point across clearly and succinctly, again being careful not to try to cram too many details into a small space. Our professional writers will give clear, concise reports on the subject of the press release in order to catch the attention of the right audience, giving them clear information, and inviting them to contact you for further details.
  • Articles
    Don't bore your readers - keeps coming back to keeping your information specific. Exposed Marketing's experienced writers will focus on a topic of interest for a few days, making sure to target the necessary audience for in your article.
  • Blogs
    Blogs are a quick way to catch your web viewer's attention and to remind your readers of what product or services you offer. Exposed Marketing ensures that our content writers write your blog content in such a way as to keep your visitors intrigued by what you offer, and interested in following up for more information.
  • Websites
    As technology improves, websites have become the most important tool any business can have. Exposed Marketing understands the importance of incorporating effective "Search Engine Optimization", popularly referred to as SEO. Search Engines such as Google and Bing, among others, check the relevancy of your subject matter on your website pages. A poorly written website could cause you to be ranked on the 10th page or more of any Google search...

Exposed Marketing will help you with all your writing needs - we invite you to contact us for more details regarding our content writing services.