3 Questions To Answer Before You Create A Marketing Plan in 2020.

3 Questions To Answer Before You Create A Marketing Plan in 2020.

3 Questions To Answer Before You Create A Marketing Plan in 2020.

Your guide to creating a competitive marketing plan this year.

The term ‘Marketing’ is such an ambiguous and frightening one for several business owners. For most, the idea of marketing conjures expensive outreach campaigns that may or may not have an impact on sales. 

This is a valid concern and fright. The world of marketing continues to evolve rapidly and business owners are struggling to stay abreast of all the changes in their market and industry. 

This is why it is important for business owners, like you, to have a marketing plan that guides your decision-making process as you implement marketing strategies this year. 

That being said, before you create a marketing plan, these are the three questions you should ask yourself:


  • Who Is Your Buyer?


Marketing can be a big waste of time if you don’t narrow down the identity of your ideal customers. This identity is known as your buyer’s persona

Think out the psychographic details (age, income bracket, location, jobs, interests, challenges etc.) that defines your ideal customer. Think about your customers’ pain points (i.e. the exact problems your products or services will be solving for them.) 

By pointing out these details, you will be creating an identity for your buyer. This information will guide you as you make marketing decisions. 


  • What Are Your Marketing Goals? 


Your marketing goals should align with your business goals. These goals should be measurable and time-sensitive. If you’re planning for the entire year, consider breaking your annual goals into smaller goals that are achievable over three-month intervals. 

For example, you could have a goal to have 1000 app installs over the next three months or have 200 registrants for your next event coming in two months. These are goals that are measurable (1000 app installs or 200 registrants) and time-sensitive (over the next two/three months.)

To narrow down your goals, you should assess your business’ needs and weaknesses and consider how your marketing strategy can help you deal with these challenges. You could do this by creating a SWOT plan. 

After you’ve done this, you can see where the loopholes in your business structure are and begin brainstorming how you can fix them. 

It is important to have the right tools that can help you track the success of your goals. For example, tools like Google Analytics can help you monitor the conversion rates of your website marketing strategies or Hootsuite can help you track engagements from your social media marketing efforts. 


  • Where Are Your Assets?


Your assets are the tools or resources you currently have that complement your marketing efforts. These assets could be paid (digital ads, ad spaces etc.), owned (infographics, videos, blogs etc.) or earned (reviews and positive comments from users, user-generated contents etc.)

Consider where your best assets lie at the moment and how you can use these assets to improve your marketing strategy. 

By answering these three questions, you will be well on your way to developing a competitive marketing plan for your business in 2020.

Exposed Marketing supports business owners like you to develop, implement and track digital marketing strategies. Our consultants will guide you as you consider these questions, and more, and narrow down the ideals that are essential to accelerate your business growth in 2020. Contact us to get started.

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